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Table of contents

General Information

Full Name Hongbo Chen
Languages English, Chinese


  • 202X
    PhD in Computer Science
    Indiana University Bloomington
    • Advised by Prof. XiaoFeng Wang
    • Collaborate under NSF Center for Distributed Confidential Computing (CDCC)
  • 2018
    BA in Electronic Engineering
    Xi'an Jiaotong University
    • Honor's Youth Program (Including 2-yrs Preparatory Courses)


  • 2021
    Research Intern
    Baidu USA
    • Contribute to a industry-leading Confidential Computing Framework, Apache Teaclave.
  • 2022
    Research Intern
    Baidu USA
    • Proof of Being Forgotten -- a new privacy protection principle for confidential computing


  • 2022
    • Advisor of Undergraduate Researcher at Luddy School
  • 2023
    • Instructor of Student Summer Intern at CDCC
    • Mentor of Google Summer of Code (GSoC)